Stevia rebaudiana

Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) is an herbal shrub of the Asteraceae family native to regions of South America and commonly used as a dietary supplement in the replacement of sugar.  Extracts of the stevia leaf, mainly stevioside and rebaudioside A, are responsible for sweetness intensity many times that of sucrose and are valued for their zero calorie and natural characteristics.  

Cultivation of this herb has a long history and is prevalent in parts of South America, China, and Japan.  In the US, the FDA has given its GRAS (generally recognized as safe) approval of stevia and its extracts for use as a dietary supplement and recently approved rebaudioside A as a food additive.

There are many resources available regarding information about stevia.  We invite you to look around and learn about stevia and stevia extracts.   If you do research on the web some helpful key words include:

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You'll find many products available from whole leaves to extracts.  While we believe you'll find what we offer to be the best, we do encourage the promotion of stevia as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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